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Science has been banned.

On Facebook and Youtube science has been banned. Sometimes science convincingly contradicting such organizations as WHO is allowed, but only because it has low numbers of views, then it is often deleted, blocked, removed or restricted (also called Shadow Blocking). Such practices are similar to Nazi book burning, or the communist party's tactic of rewriting history. When such practices are allowed we are no longer truly free as a society, or safe, The whole basis of modern science is that of "The Scientific Method" or "Scientific  Process", which by definition must look into both sides of a debate as to whether its conclusions or procedures are right or proven. The public is therefore being denied the right to evaluate if issues surrounding the Covid science and interventions are really scientific, logical, or disproportionate. As the counter arguments are being banned, science is being banned. When the open forum of science is destroyed in this way, our society is in deadly peril of moving under tyranny and dictatorship.



Discrediting the Opposition by Group Association.

One very sinister tactic used by those who are ruining our society, economy and freedom with false science, and overreactions about Covid-19 and its variants, is to hide the fact that real science, and more common sense planning, is on the side of the opposition, by grouping people holding credible views together with those who hold sometimes absurd and stupid views into one "category" to discredit the truth.


One less serious label label is "Anti-vaxxers" when in fact massive numbers of these people are simply "pro choice". Statements are then made saying things like "the public are believing the anti-vaxxers so we are going to stop the public hearing their statements." This is aside from the issue that anti-vaxxers also have the right to their choice, and public have the right to know about them.

The grouping together of "the lunatic fringe" with those presenting reasonable science, or other strategies to deal with Covid, by labelling them together as one Group, is a devious tactic used to hide just how unscientific and unworkable things relating to these things are in the media

               David Icke


"Covid 19 does not exist"


         Dr, Andrew Kaufman


"Germs do not cause disease"


Many people opposing the false statistics and pseudoscience on TV, radio and in the media about Covid, are just as against the polar opposite falsity of David Icke and Dr Andrew Kaufman. Both of these men have made known to the public huge amounts of worthwhile facts uncovering the bogus nature of statistics about Covid-19, and similar issues, but instead of presenting these facts to simply prove the public are being fed misinformation, and stampeded into hysteria over what is in the end simply a bug similar to influenza, they use the facts to "prove" idiotic conclusions like "Covid-19 does not even exist" and "bacteria and viruses do not cause disease".  These blunders are then cynically used by the media to stigmatize the entire movement resisting the Covid Cons we see on TV news.  The fact is many politicians are being bribed to keep the Covid hysteria going by Big Pharma. but as these bribes are given the name "lobbying" for some strange reason our top Government leaders are not banning the practice.  

It is very interesting however that Dr. Andrew Kaufman is correct that the public are not being shown that the scientific process has been followed, in order to isolate the virus, purify it, map the Genome of Covid, and then the claims it is produced in massive quantities in attenuated vaccines. It is not enough to say "We mapped it" we need to see how it was isolated and then mapped. We need to be shown what is in attenuated vaccines for Covid, and how its produced. The shocking truth is - if the patronisation goes on, and no proper proof is actually show as it ought to be (and it has not been as far as I know)  people will continue to think the bug may just be some bug from the past etc.


Did Kary Mullis, the inventor of PCR Technology,  really believe it should be used to detect viral load?

did he say:

“Quantitative PCR is an oxymoron”?

Our research concludes that he did say it is oxymoronic!! This is very important, as it says in a very strong and powerful way that PCR should be used for qualitative, not quantitative purposes. The RT PCR Tests are therefore according to Mullis, the inventor of the underpinning technology, too inaccurate to use. Not only that, but they cost such a staggering amount of money Third World Starvation could have been solved with that money.


The subject of what Kary Mullis actually believed about using PCR for ascertaining viral load (a different subject than the identification of a pathogen) is being ignored, and deliberate confusion tactics are being used to cover-up the fact that he would clearly have strongly disapproved with the present RT PCR Test being used to detect viral load. 

A large amount of other evidence that the inventor of the PCR Test openly said could not be used to estimate viral load of a disease, has been willfully deleted from Youtube, and from Facebook. Since when were you, the public, not allowed to see scientific evidence from the scientist who invented something? The scientific method is being banned so dark forces can indoctrinate people.


How should we define "a case of" Covid?

The TV and radio for a long time stated people "died of Covid-19" then suddenly after this was challenged this was changed to "died with Covid-19". At any one time there are a dozen or more deadly pathogens inside our bodies, but the viral or bacterial load is so low, it is not reasonable to describe it as "a case" of any disease they might cause. Dying with a pathogen in your body, does not mean you died "of" a disease associated with the pathogen. The PCR test was designed to amplify and thus detect qualitatively the presence of DNA, and thus has been used to detect the presence of DNA in very small samples, solving many crimes and leading to proper convictions, and also releasing from prison many innocent people.


The definition of "a case of" a disease is variable, and gets even more complex when "a case of" a disease also includes "a mild case". or a symptomless so called "case". As the PCR Test that underpins the RT PCR Test was used and designed by its inventor Kary Mullis to be used qualitatively not quantitatively, this is a second reason why the press and media may be greatly exaggerating what a "case of" Covid really is. Ignoring the need to precisely define what "a case of" Covid means, and the inaccuracy of the test, means the instances of it can become wildly exaggerated. The RT PCR Test is also prone to false positive results. As the human body can have many deadly pathogens in it at a low viral or bacterial load, the press reporting people have died "with Covid-19" or another variant, is statistically invalid and deceptive information. 


Are people really dying of Covid or secondary bacterial infections because antibiotics no longer work effectively.

This would mean deaths will indeed keep occurring. If power is gained from deaths occurring, Big Pharma may simply try to ban or ignore cures. One ;little discussed example is the evidence colloidal silver if used in conjunction with antibiotics is more effective, and might prevent as many deaths from bacterial. 


Long Term testing of the vaccines has not occurred.

This is proven by the fact that "long term" simply is not here yet. Statements like "The vaccines are thoroughly tested, which are very often used about the vaccines, are very misleading as the extremely important aspect of long term testing is not present. Do not buy their lies.


Massive mistakes by Governments and Big Pharma have been made in the Past.

When you consider mistakes like the disasters of DDT, Thalidomide and Agent Orange, to name but a few, how can our Governments even think to force people into the present vaccines? 3 consecutive polio vaccines, Salk's, Koprowski's and Sabin's, were all infected with the SV-40 virus, and given to millions. Batches of the vaccines were also contaminated and live polio was injected into children, causing many deaths and cases of the disease. 


Pfizer has an appalling safety record.

If Pfizer was a person, not an organization, they would have been struck off their safety record is so bad. Why are the public therefore being forced into trusting them?


Big Pharma will not be held accountable even if their rush job vaccines cause bad health side effects and massive numbers of deaths.

If the Government is so sure the vaccines are totally safe, why protect these firms when they are so well known for their desire to profit from illness.


Comprehensive lists of the knock-on effects of vaccines, lockdowns and masks (etc) are literally banned from Facebook and Youtube. 

We must obviously as "Why?" The reason is obvious. When the big picture of the knock-on effects is comprehensively shown to the public, they will see that these disproportionate overreactions are causing far more deaths than they are likely to save, including Third World starvation, late diagnosis of cancer, and increases suicides, some cause by business collapses in poorer countries, where families are one week's wages away from eviction from their homes, Just the catastrophic effect on the Western economy, is preventing us from saving hundreds of thousands of people from poverty and starvation. 

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