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"Now the God of peace, that brought again from the dead our Lord Jesus, that great shepherd of the sheep, through the blood of the everlasting covenant,"  HEBREWS 13:20

The origin of the "Early Rapture" theory is the collection plate.

We live in the final church age, the "Laodicean Age" wiih many lukewarm Christians having quote "itching ears" to hear "easy way out" preachers telling them they will never have to face and defeat the 666 mark, because God will conveniently remove the church before any persecution happens, allowing Christian to watch cable TV until they are suddenly Raptured without facing persecution (a likely story - ha).

Preaching "what the customoer wants" fills the collection plates of fake pastors, who also rely on the imminent return of Christ to motivate even more giving. The truth is the Rapture is late, and Christians must conquer and overcome the temptation to take the 666 mark.

"The Rapture" (as it is called) is a word that has made its way into the Oxford English Dictionary, where it is defined in this way:


2 (the Rapture) N. Amer.

(according to some millenarian teaching) the transporting of believers to heaven at the Second Coming of Christ. example: thousands of Christians gathered outside Rochester and other cities, awaiting the Rapture.


This Oxf Eng Dict definition is not entirely accurate, by the way, as there are three standard Rapture theories, and in the 3rd Christians do not necessarily go to the 3rd Heaven, only into the sky or 1st heaven:


1)  Pre-Tribulation:

2)  Mid-Tribulation:

3)  Post-Tribulation: a misnomer as thereturn of Christ is at the battle of Armageddon, which can hardly bethoughtof therefore as "after" the tribuation is over. Perhaps Latter-Tribulation might be a better term?


Certain forms of the Pre-Tribulation gospel are caustically and entirely heretical. The very heretical form of this false teaching states:





a) Christians are Raptured before the appearance of the Beast (or the antichrist). This is an example of "lemonade Christianity", where the collection plate is eagerly filled by a congregation thirtsy to hear they will not face the test of dying to avoid the 666 mark, or needing to hide in the wilderness.


b) That the Holy Spirit is then (in their inane theory) taken from the Earth. A preposterous theory as then not one person could be saved without his "still small voice" guidance.


c) That another gospel is then preached!!! (a breath taking evil heresy! As Gal 1:6-9 makes it plain not even an angel from heaven should persuade you to believe such an error!) This so called "new" gospel is preached they say in Revelation 14:6-7. However that is not "the gospel by which we are saved" a very important difference, that is defined twice, ocne by Jesus in Luke 24:44-48, and once by Paul in 1 Cor 15:1-4. The angel is preaching merely an example of a broader definition of good news. The true gospel that has been preached since Jesus died and rose again will continue to be the ONLY means of salvation up until the end of the Millennium. 


THE SCIENCE OF SEDUCTION - Rapture money making


When pastors find out everyone wants to think the church vanishes, just when the persecution happens they behave like a chef who has discovered your favourite meal. They start to cook it up fancy, to make it look even more appetizing, to seduce you to "donate to the plate". One way of doing this is to elaborate the jargon for who gets into this fiction of an early Rapture (the Rapture is LATE = guaranteed!)


method: example: It is a common interpretation that the 7 churches in the book of Revelation represent a map of history, with Pergamos representing Constantine, Jezebel representing the Whore of Rome, Sardis representing the Reformation (not completed) Philadelphia representing preachers like Wesley and John Bunyan refining the Faith, and Laodicea representing the last days lukewarm church, ready for Apostasy. The merchants of the Early Rapture lie, sometimes pretty-up their theology by calling the people who will be Raptured "Philadelphia saints", and one way you can prove that to them is doing plenty of donating! Such development of spiritual jargon makes the BIG LIE of the early Rapture sound more credible. 




What happens to the babies and children on the planet is where the Early Rapture theory crumbles into powder, and is shown-up for the junk heresy it really is. If Philadelphia "overcomers" are only Raptured, do the children of backsliders get left behind? And if backslider's children and babies get Raptured, why shouldn't every baby and child? Parents getting Raptured leaving children and babies behind is absurd. And what happens to young teens in the rebellion stage of youth?Only the late Rapture does not suffer from any of these dilemmas, as the church and children descend immediately afterward to Earth after the Atrmaggedon army is slain, so ALL babies and children can be removed. If you say, incidentally, Christians in unrepentant sin will be raptured, that is false as it is the Antinomian heresy. 




Because of the lies of the Early Rapture preachers, some people will make one of the most terrible mistakes conceivable! When the 666 Mark arrives, they will come to the conclusion that it CANNOT be the 666 Mark, as that only occurs after the Rapture, and as the Rapture clearly has not happened it must just be a "look-alike" mark of the Beadt, or a precursor, not the real thing! That is how totally DEADLY the eraly Rapture lie doctrine is! You! Yes you! must make up your mind you will never ever ever allow yourself to be marked on the right hand or forehead with any mark at all! Play it safe! Remember God does not just promise eternal Hell to those who take the mark, it is his wrath "poured out without mixture!" A truly terrible thought!




Here is a truly shattering thought. What if the devil (the author of confusion) does manage to bring out a precursor or lookalike mark of the Beast, or 666, style system, not actually it? Avoiding this might mean early persecution for some conscientious Christians, as they avoid it as well, as it looks too similar to the predicted system. It is something to ponder. Just how far will you go to avoid anything that looks like a mark or system similar to the 666 prophecy? It is food for thought.  





A series of three films was produced in the 1970's to promote the Pre-Tribulation Rapture theory. These films termed evangelical Christian films were called,


1) A Thief in the Night is a 1972 Christian end times film produced by Russell S. Doughten

2) A Distant Thunder is a 1978  by Russell S. Doughten and directed by Donald W. Thompson.

3) Image of the Beast is a 1981 film by Russell S. Doughten and directed by Donald M. Thompson. 

4)  The Prodigal Planet is a 1983 film by Russell S. Doughten and directed by Donald W. Thompson. 


These films have been appearing on YouTube.

an example for study purposes is:


Great care must be taken not to be syphoned into believing some of the errors in such films, and in famous comic books such as Jack Chic's famous comic "Chaos!".




There is yet another false gospel preached by only certain Pre-Tribulation Rapture believers, that is combining the heresy of an Early Rapture with that of an Antinomianist style false gospel. These heretics when saying "the church is Raptured" do not mean the REPENTANT church (thus that those taken unawares are left behind) but that everyone who has confessed Christ will be Raptured regardless of being caught in sin. 


An example of this might be a backslidden Christian who is having an affair with another mans wife, is Raptured, even if at the time the Rapture occurs he is in bed with the said other man's wife! Such a false gospel, that allows totally unrepentant sin, was repudiated in Romans 3:8, and predicted to be occurring in false churches by the Apostle Jude - at the end of the age specifically, as indeed it is today.


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