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Bible Girls .com is a place where far out and amazing facts about the God, people, things and places found in the holy bible are displayed, as well as more conventional teachings.

Bible Girls .com is in its early stages, so be patient. It is my hope that there will be many hundreds of pages here of amazing, dazzling and excitingly interesting bible theories and facts.


NOTE: The "Fab Bible" part of this website contains some of the most strangely fascinating beliefs and theories about the bible known to mankind. Please never assume that the author of this website believes in all of these strange theories and fascinating beliefs. They are simply quoted for the sake of information, education and stimulating bible study and prayer.

Women teachers:

The stance taken on Bible Girls .com on women teachers is what some people believe is an old fashioned belief, that the ministries of apostles, pastors, elders and teachers are given by God only to men. This belief is very common among Christians. The main  chapters in scripture given to women were also written by God through men, such as King Solomon, Timothy and Peter.

So is it heresy if I eventually receive enough donations to set up live messaging here where exclusively women chat via text to site visitors? My belief is women are allowed to share. and I hope to find mature, godly and sensible women who recognize the perimeters between personal sharing and in depth teaching.

The plan for this website is therefore for me to write all the doctrine, and for only women to deal with any messaging and support.

I am not accepting donations at this present time, and never have asked for or received any donations at any time. 

From the beginning:

From the very start let me make it plain my teaching on this website is that not only have Catholics and the Eastern Orthodox been led astray by heresies, such as salvation by works, and salvation by acts of priestcraft, Protestant denominations that are not preaching heresy are also few and far between. Narrow is the way that leads to eternal life.

Some of the corrupting heresies and errors that pollute Protestant denominations are killing in wars, divorce and remarriage, and the use of fake bibles such as the NIV. The stance of this website is clear - Jesus did not teach war, like Moses did, or capital punishment, and that adultery does not allow for divorce and remarriage in Christian to Christian marriage. 


As for the Bible the actual textus receptus Greek of the King James Bible Greek is vastly superior to the phony Alexandrian Greek of the modern versions. This is very important as staggering amounts of bible verses about the nonviolent teachings of Jesus are removed from the fake Alexandrian Greek, and the false teachers compiling modern versions like the NIV have contradicted the KJV on the "Matthean Clause" and this has resulted in a tidal wave of divorce and remarriage.

This site is also pro freewill, and anti Calvinist in theology. The Antinomian style heresies, found in many modern churches, (predicted to infest churches in the End Time in the Epistle of Jude), will also be refuted here, and this includes the caustic and clearly foolish belief that a person is still saved if they continue in long term unrepentant sin and works of the flesh, without repenting. Repentance is the quality indicator of belief. creator.png

About me:

see also: my testimony: is created by Kenneth McDonald, aka Snowy, I make several other websites. I am a former highly qualified  grade A assessed RGN student, whistleblower, who went on national TV news to try to expose the covert illegal non resuscitation of patients in hospitals. My ministry now is as a born again Evangelical Christian bible teacher, and Evangelist, with an emphasis on the Jesus Saves Gospel, free will, defending the KJV bible Greek over that of the phoney modern bible versions, no killing in wars, marriage for life, and non ecumenicalism.

About this site:

The world "girl" is defined in the OED

girl :

1) a female child. 

2) a person's daughter. 

4) a young or relatively young woman.

5) a young woman of a specified kind or having a specified job: a career girl. [ with modifier ]

6) informal - women who mix socially: "I look forward to having a night out with the girls."

7) a person's girlfriend: 

8) dated - a female servant.

Thus girls here. and by dictionary definition, refers to most women as well as young girls.

it is the same with the word "lads" or "boys" which mean not only youngsters. Eg "he is one of the lads" can apply to full grown men, as well as boys.

So  this website is made for girls, teenagers and women, as it has a lot of sections specifically about women in the bible, females martyrs, etc. However everyone might wish to research these issues, and watch TV here, listen to radio, see praise videos, so the site is also for everyone.

A special blessing:

Many years ago  I asked God for a special blessing, and to deliver me from "the daily grind" or "the rat race" or "the hamster wheel" or "the 9 to 5 treadmill" (call it what you will) and to allow me to dedicate myself to God's holy word and evangelism. I believe that God allowed me to do this by the use of ill health. If you are ill please do not think that God cannot still bless you or use you. In my case I consider it has been a special blessing so I could see deeper into the bible than most other teachers, and pass this blessing on to hard working people in "the hamster wheel of life" with no time to spare, in exciting new ways on the internet, like this website.

Chess :

I was also lightning chess champion of Liverpool England, when I was only 18, beat a Grandmaster, and won the Junior Chess brilliancy prize. 


I have started with bible girl avatars, frankly because my ability to do art work has been limited by ill health, even though I am a qualified highly skilled artist, and simple avatar pictures were easiest to start with. 

I then intend to add more realistic bible girls to the site, with more complex artists impressions. These Avatar bible girls, and artist impressions, have been given superpowers for the making of cartoons. Jesus said that by Faith "nothing shall be impossible unto you" and so if any girls should be given superpowers in fiction, it should be Christian girls, not people like X-men and supergirl, wonder woman, etc. This is at least the angle adopted on this site to cartoons.

It is my hope that one day I will get enough donations to then introduce real life mature "bible girls" to the site, given responsibility to do a good work for Christ here, chatting and messaging via text and educating people by "sharing" rather than in depth teaching, as in depth teaching is a ministry given exclusively to men in the bible.

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