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Letter I - Bible Females

THE LETTER I - bible females


ISCAH: (Hebrew= )

Etymology: spy

the daughter of Haran and sister of Milcah and Lot (Gen. 11:29, 31

Bible: Iscah

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supposedly the Assyrian goddess of sexuality, referred to in the Bible as “queen of heaven” (Jeremiah 7:18, 44:17, 25). The name “Ishtar” does not appear in the Bible. This word is erroneously used to attack the word Easter. It would be logistically VERY unlikely that the worship of this goddess transmigrated to England. And the the invented goddess of the heretic "The Venerable Bede Eostre, Eostur is a corruption of the month "Eostur-Monath" no proof existing of a goddess in England at all (presently) and so the further invention of one of the Brother's Grimm, of the word Ostara is therefore even more of a fiction.

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