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1) That the Pfizer DNA Vaccine is far more likely to cause human DNA mutation or change.


This does not mean the babies born from you  have cells spewing out Covid spike proteins into their body and blood (like what happens to you if you have had the Pfizer vaccine). It is whether you are far more likely to have mutated DNA,

DNA is not immutable,


DNA is a dynamic and adaptable molecule, and the nucleotide sequences can change. The DNA you pass on to your babies is therefore not necessarily identical to your DNA at your birth.

It is shown for instance in the Curiositystream video "Viruses: Destruction and Creation" germline cells (that become either sperm or ovum) can be infected with retroviruses that enter into the chromosomes. However the documentary claims this happens once in a million years, contradicting the Christian belief humans have been here only 6,000 years. As the documentary says human DNA shows huge number of invasions by these retroviruses, they say in fact 8% of human DNA is derived from retroviruses. Christians would therefore be forced to conclude that changes in human DNA happen far more frequently, as they deny the timeline is correct.


When this list of 100 top knock-on effects (you are reading) is published on Youtube, it will immediately be removed, or if it starts to get a lot of hits. In a similar way, all the scientific evidence that the Pfizer or other vaccines can lead to changes in our DNA are being removed, in a totalitarian book burning fashion. This website has therefore been disempowered to give a 100% denial or acceptance that the Pfizer vaccine alters (or is very likely to alter) human DNA, particularly as it is given to multi millions.

example 2: Emerging data indicate that air pollution exposure modulates the epigenetic mark, DNA methylation (DNAm), and that these changes might in turn influence inflammation, disease development, and exacerbation risk. (for instance car exhaust fumes)

Example 3: Coca-Cola is phasing out a controversial additive that has been linked to damage to DNA and hyperactivity in children. Sodium benzoate .

the Genotoxic list goes on and on - for instance food additives, food preservatives, non stop smoking, E-numbers. . 

Yet the thought such a massive change to human physiology as chemically instructing your own body cells to spew out parts from a pathogen, are being treated as impossible. The public are being prevented at evaluating data and beliefs about possible changing of DNA by simply erasing the articles and comments out of existence.

Quote: "a DNA vaccine only triggers the immune system to generate coronavirus antibodies."

Dr Kaufman:

proposed refutation link:

People feel very uncomfortable when their DNA is "triggered" to produce something unnatural. Do we really want scientists messing about with our DNA? Do we trust them enough for that. with the history of blunders in the history of vaccines, or Big Pharma products. 


Defining ‘Genetic modification as - "The deliberate insertion of foreign DNA into the nucleus of a human cell." is to me not scientific. That is Genetic Engineering. It sounds like a get out clause. Genetic modification as a general term is different from Genetic Engineering. Modification means it can happen without intent. Genetic modification can also be synonymous with a genetic change that is not deliberate, and this means entire essays on how DNA can be altered without deliberate intent by a scientific or medical process, food additives, E chemicals, exhaust fumes etc can be "fact checked" out of existence by semantic means. 

The word "modify" is synonymous with change, alter, vary, convert, turn into, remodel, reorganise, adjust, transform etc.  It seems Big Pharma want to say if it happens without intent, it does not count or become worthy of discussion. The problem comes when people say people like Bill Gates are out to do it on purpose, as that requires proof of intent and deliberate objectives.

DNA vaccines like Pfizer are not called DNA vaccines for nothing. There is now an attempt to change the usual name as "DNA vaccine" is too honest.

These vaccines are not long term tested, because "long term" simply is not here yet.




Multi millions of people think genetic modification of crops is far too dangerous to do, because one slip could shatter the global ecosystem or a local ecosystem. The fact governments went ahead with GM crops does not change the right of people to think it was and is a mistake, and to avoid eating them, if only as a protest. Imposing GM vaccines on people is therefore complete tyranny and outrageous.

The issue is "Do you trust Big Pharma" enough? When examined their history is appalling, as is the safety history of Pfizer.

Is there evidence dark forces want us repeatedly injected to deliberately alter our DNA in an evil fashion? And should you have the right to suspect this, or even believe it is definitely the case?

How long does mRNA spew out Covid spike proteins for?

Please notice that the question is not how long the proteins last after being produced, it is about how long they are produced from mRNA. People like Hank Bernstein of Philadelphia hospital assure us mRNA breakdown quickly. A picture of it being inconceivable that anything else could be true is being presented. Could these "harmless" spike proteins simply be injected into the body instead? And why is messing about with people's cells in this way better than the Sinovac vaccine? This subject is mentioned here for people to be informed about fundamental issues surrounding vaccines being safe or not, not trying to resolve them. 

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