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Meet the Bible Girls!

red indian girl head png.png

You will see the Bible Girls all over this website,

so they can explain things better to you. Watch out for them!

red indian girl A1.png

Red Indian Bible Girl



Red Indian Bible Girl is brilliant at archery, and riding horses. She can hit any target, no matter how small, even when she is riding at very high speed on her horse.  She is able to track, orienteer, and almost always knows where she is, and the way to go, even if everyone else is lost around her. She can find food no matter where she is, even in a desert, as she is a skilled survivalist.



Red Indian girl has rescued animals for years. All animals rush to help her. They protect her, as she has protected them. So many animals obey her, she can do almost anything, such as fly with an eagle. She is also impossible to capture.  

Indian Girl Profile cartoon.png
Asian Bible Girl cartoon png.png

Asia Bible Girl



She became a Christian in the middle of a Thunderstorm.



She can throw lightning bolts from her hands, and can control strands of electricity. She can make a sound of very loud thunder appear, that surprises her enemies. She can throw her blue cloak and it becomes rain at her command. Special glasses protect her eyes from the lightning.

Nickname: Thunder Girl.

Asia Girl - s.png
USA GIRL medium.png

USA Bible Girl



She is a preacher of Peace and Love. She remembers her country was founded by the Pilgrim Fathers, who were largely pacifists escaping persecution in Europe.



She can crush rocks in her hands. She is unbelievably strong. Her hands can turn diamond hard, and look like they are made of diamond, and can stop bullets. She can lift the gates of a city like Samson did! Her power comes from Peace and Love.

Nickname: Peace and Love Girl.

Love and peace slippers medium.png
SCANDI bible girl medium.png



She is very knowledgeable about bible prophecy, and prays for the bible predicted revival in Israel. She always braids her hair, but only for tradition. She usually wears a parka coat, as it is so cold in Scandinavia.



She has power over the snow, hail, icicles and frost.


Nickname: Mo.

Scandi Girl 2.png


  Bible Girl

European Girl.png


Bible Girl



She is the smallest of all the Bible Girls! She spend huge amounts of time, out witnessing for Jesus, one to one. People get saved through her, because she listens a lot, quietly praying as she does! She is against the people of Australia being bullied with Covid-19 over reactions, and her country being turned into a giant prison, and ruled by medical tyranny. 


She can swim faster than anyone else in the world! She can keep up with swimming dolphins, and leap from the water with them! Dolphins are her friends, and some other sea creatures, but sharks are her enemies. She can hold her breath underwater for for an hour (do not try this! Only she can do it!). She can calm the sea, or make it stormy. She can hit anything with a boomerang from 100 meters away, and always catch it when it returns. She has Australian pets.  


Nickname: Aqua Girl, or Jesus Fish Girl .

Worship girl medium.png

Black Bible Girl



She is a very brilliant singer and dancer. God uses her to anoint people with praise power. She received a great revelation from the scripture "he hath put a new song in my mouth, even praise unto our God: many shall see it, and fear, and shall trust in the LORD." Psalm 40:3. More people get saved at the same time when she is around than with any other Bible Girl. She is expert in what the Gospel is.


She can heal broken hearts. Through the spirit of praise and worship, many get saved when she sings.  She can stop riots and mayhem with the spirit of joy. She is the fastest sprinter in the world,  and can run long distances freerunning even over mountains to witness to the lost and see them saved.

Nickname: Worship Girl .

UK Girl medium 2.png

UK Bible Girl


She is demure and very humble, and has faithful friendliness to all interested in learning the bible. She has a white horse like a unicorn. She is as bold as a lion to share the Good News, fearing nothing, as she remembers all the female martyrs of Great Britain who died for the faith. Her motto is "No Compromise". She stands firm and is unmoveable. Her hair is golden in sunlight , but can look silvery in moonlight and sparkles.


She has heat vision, and can cut anything in half with her laser vision. She is also indestructible, as God has proved many times, as she believes by faith "God in my shield". She can stand firm so it is impossible to move her. She can more forward unstoppably never phased by troubles. 

Nickname: Truth Girl .  Vision Girl.

India girl 1.png

India Bible Girl


She is sweet natured, and helps new converts become rooted and grounded in the Christian faith. Her favourite part of the bible is the Parables of Jesus, especially The Parable of the Sower. She is also very wise, understanding mysteries. She strengthens other people.


She has x-ray vision, but more importantly can see into people's hearts, to see if they are right with God, telling the truth, or lying. She has the bible power called "discerning of spirits". She has a ministry patiently helping "babes in Christ" to grow stronger, and thus God sometimes gives her the power to cause plants, flowers and trees to suddenly grow.

Nickname: Wisdom Girl .

in trhe Spirit girl.png



She can become invisible.  She has an ability described in the Book of Romans 

and "To the weak became I as weak, that I might gain the weak: I am made all things to all men, that I might by all means save some." 1 Cor 9:22. 

the profiles are under construction

Nickname: ? .


Robot Girl



Can quote any bible verse accurately, and any book written about the Christian Faith. is a robot, who wishes she was a human girl. She is the friend of all the Bible Girls, and Ted. Robot Girl can look very different, as if she is many different Robot Girls, but she can even look very human, but when she tries to look human there is always something that she does not get right, and so she looks quite funny when she tries to appear human. 

Nickname: ? .


Ted .

A friend of the bible girls. A brilliant bible teacher, so brilliant he refused to go to bible college, as the 12 disciples never.

Ted is also highly qualified to talk about science issues relating to Covid 19, as he has the same medical qualifications as Bill Gates. None.

More girls will appear later, including European Girl, Slavic Girl and South America Girl!

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