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Letter O - Bible Females

THE LETTER O - bible females



Etymology:  Her name means "most high tent" or "high tent shrine"


Oholibamah is one of the most fascinating women in the Old Testament.  and she is mentioned six places in Genesis 36.

Based on the genealogical information in Genesis 36, we may conclude that she was associated with the Horite Hebrew priests of the royal house of Seir. Seir ruled over Edom and appears to a successor to the earlier rulers of Edom, including Abraham and Isaac.

Oholibamah's mother was the female clan chief, Anah. Her father's identity is not known. It appears that the authority was vested with the mother in this case. That would mean that Oholibamah required permission from her mother's household to marry Esau the Younger, the son of Isaac and Rebecca.


 Bible: Oholibamah (see Aholibamah)

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ORPAH: (Hebrew= )


Meaning: forelock or fawn

a Moabitess, the wife of Chilion (Ruth 1:4; 4:10)

On the death of her husband she accompanied Naomi, her mother-in-law, part of the way to Bethlehem, and then returned to Moab.



Bible: Orpah

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