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The bible girls MEDICAL zone is for older bible girls, who can understand more complicated language and in-depth sujects. 


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Real Bible Girls are no compromise girls. Here we will tell you the truth about Covid-19. This website is different than Facebook and Youtube. On those websites you cannot tell the truth. On those websites you cannot compile a comprehensive list of all the knock-on effects of lockdowns, masks and social distancing. Here we will. No compromise! 


W.H.O. is a corrupt organization bribed by Bill Gates. Sorry - funded by Bill Gates. He gives them more money than Germany and China put together. He is not a doctor.  Covid-19 is being treated as if it is like bubonic plague, when it is not. The disproportionate plans to combat Covid-19 must be stopped, or they will result in more deaths than they saves lives.

Here on we believe in real science. Real science is a good thing. The scientific process or method listens to both sides of the story: Therefore science has been banned on Facebook and on Youtube.  If you refuse to examine both sides of a debate, it is not science any more. Therefore this website will show you real science, by looking at both sides of the Covid-19 situation, not just the view of the World Health Organization.

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