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Ten Medical Topics - 2

TOPIC 11 .


"Boiling the frog."

definition: "The boiling the frog metaphor" is an apologue describing a frog being slowly boiled alive. The premise is that if a frog is put suddenly into boiling water, it will jump out, but if it is put into tepid water and the temperature is very slowly increased, the frog will die." (in real life the frog may react)

This is a very pertinent comparison with what is happening in our society today over Covid issues. Slowly an agenda is being inexorably moved forward, one tiny step at a time, by stealthy encroachment, interspersed by big moves forward, until our society once proud to be called free, symbolized largely by the Statue of Liberty, is moving into tyranny, and it is then possible to link all the tyrannies under one tyrant, who destroys nations who will not comply with his rulership with trading sanctions. It is taking the United Kingdom back toward the very external attempt to rule their country by proxy, that Brexit was all about.

Conclusion: at some point you must decide to make a stand and do your part to stop Coronavirus regulations ruining our lives with disproportionate laws, decrees and political and medical decision making.

This is similar to the sorites paradox: definition:  "If a heap of sand is reduced by a single grain at a time, at what exact point does it cease to be considered a heap?" And so by comparison, if we do not draw the line at where our freedom is being lost, we will eventually lose it to a tyranny by inaction, and thus we must at some point fight back.

TOPIC 12 .

Banned information.

article: "Manufactured Pandemic:, by an anonymous author" .

If you give a link to the article "Manufactured Pandemic" on Facebook, it is very likely to be deleted even if you are criticizing the article, or discussing the content from a neutral standpoint. Similarly if you make a Youtube video about it, discussing it from any angle at all, it is likely to be deleted, or their search engine is tampered with to limit its views by the public. The reason for this is that the dark forces that are pushing forward the developing tyranny of the official Covid Agenda, do not want you to realise many scientists do not believe the RT PCR Test is even accurate. 

When it was blocked on Facebook it was done through a "factcheck" write up by a scientist called Flora Teoh (link below to both articles). verdict:

Icke and Kaufman.

A big part of why this article is being banned is that David Icke, a very popular and highly charismatic speaker, so good at this he once worked as a TV presenter, decided he would use the article to actually make the outright statement "Covid-19 does not exist" instead of the proposed conclusion: "The test is so flawed and inaccurate that Covid-19 would not even have to exist to give the illusion of a Pandemic using RT PCR Test results."

This big decision by David Icke, and other silly pseudoscientific claims by his compatriot Dr. Andrew Kaufman, has done a lot of damage to the more conventional attempts to expose Covid Cons in national TV, national radio and newspapers. Worst of all the effects is that it has given the sycophants and yes-men who back-up every officially authorised decision over Covid, the golden opportunity to bundle Icke and Kaufman into a "Resistance Group" concept, where more moderate people then have their credibility craftily undermined. 

"Manufactured Pandemic Article" analysis:

It seems likely that the PCR Test is inaccurate for quantitative purposes, partly because it may detect fragments of all the myriad of unmapped RNA in other cells, partly because the number of cycles it is run at is admitted by even yes-man scientists to be at the outer limit of cycles before it becomes definitely prone to inaccuracy acknowledged by all onlookers, and other reasons too many to list here. However no real proof was emphasized to show other strains of similar viruses in the same category do have identical or very similar RNA snippets, but as all such viruses morph it seems likely. But the biggest reason is Kary Mullis himself said "Quantitative PCR is an oxymoron" and it is disappointing the "Manufactured Pandemic" never gave Mullis quotes,

The reason this Manufactured Pandemic article is banned may be because the dark forces making money out of the Covid tests and vaccines want to stop people laterally thinking about this topic. The objective to prove the RT PCR Test is proven to be detecting other Corona type viruses was too ambitious, but if a more moderate objective of trying to prove a fantastically large amount of RNA in the human body is unmapped is adopted instead, leading to false positives, it brings the accuracy of the tests into doubt, and  as all the very draconian reactions in our society are based on the stats gathered from these tests, it is of massive importance the test is actually accurate,

The Flora Teoh "Factcheck" :

(under construction) She does not examine the science issue as to whether a test designed to duplicate a DNA sample to such an extent it produces a clear qualitative result, is really suited to be used as a test producing an accurate representation of viral load, especially as adding the extra phase of Reverse Transcription (RT) can go wrong, and the doubts about using fluorogenic dye that produces fluorescence to indicate viral load. She is correct in saying there was not enough proof to draw all the ambitious conclusions in the "Manufactured Pandemic" article.


1) article: Manufactured Pandemic: Testing People for Any Strain of a Coronavirus, Not Specifically for COVID-19 .

2) Facebook Factcheck by Flora Teoh , or " claim review"

The fact is lots of scientists think the RT PCR Test should not be used, that using an inaccurate test is worse than no test at all, but this situation is continually suppressed.  Cynics could even say that simply supplying a swapped primer would produce a pandemic at will. 

TOPIC 13 .

Antibiotics are failing.

The failure in the effectiveness of antibiotics is the real reason Patients will therefore definitely keep dying of secondary bacterial infections in the lungs, in combination with virus infections. So the nightmare of deaths WILL continue. False positives of the inaccurate RT PCR Test are attributing almost all of this to Covid. Big Pharma prefer to ignore their failure to replace God given antibiotics, and have instead falsely claimed their rush job vaccines are a success, by stealing the credit for our God created immune systems, and thus cunningly turning their failure of the public into a financial success for them!

It was stated on BBC Radio 4 before the Covid crisis hit, that "the age of modern medicine might be drawing to a close" because of the weakening in effectiveness of antibiotics. This would give rise to far more (frankly) long slow deaths from respiratory diseases, and children and babies dying from pneumonia. In another broadcast after this British scientists stated the test for Covid was suspect, and that no test is better than an inaccurate one. 

TOPIC 14 .

"The Power of Nightmares" (a famous documentary and political theory) is being used to gain massive political powers from Covid and it variants.

Politicians are now using Covid to seize bigger and bigger power by saving us from the apparent nightmare of Covid, described in the famous documentary "The Power of Nightmares". When it is just a flu type bug. 

According to the BBC research now strongly indicates antibiotics used in conjunction with colloidal silver can help cure Covid secondary bacterial infections more effectively. However so much political power is now being gained from the Covid crisis, and Covid cons, there is a big doubt Big Pharma even what a more effective cure, of any kind, just an ongoing nightmare from which to grab more and more political power for dark forces behind the scenes


Covid in other words may be being used for a World Take-Over bid.


TOPIC 15 .

Robert Malone and Marjorie Greene - banned from Facebook. 

Robert Malone - ‪top Inventor of mRNA Vaccines‬ - ‪top Inventor of DNA vaccines, banned‬ from Facebook for so called "misinformation".  He also tweeted a video explaining from the data about the harms from the Pfizer vaccine, & the problems with its clinical trials. For this Twitter suspended his account!

Marjorie Greene - Georgia Republican congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene has been permanently suspended, for violating policies on Covid so called "misinformation". Anyone not parroting the official line is being branded "a controversialist" and "an extremist" when the evidence is such people are often realists.

Two more examples of how you are being indoctrinated by the mass media, by book burning techniques used in the past and present by tyrants. It is in effect the beginning of the novel 1984 prediction of "thought crime". 

Jemma Cooper - BBC weather presenter was taken off air for attending anti-lockdown rallies about the Covid disproportionate over reactions, that are crippling the western economy and preventing the west helping the starving in the Third World. The BBC said "impartiality guidelines had to be strictly followed and any breach would be dealt with". This is one of the the most laughable statements I ever heard, the BBC hypocrisy is jaw dropping! The BBC have become gutless lemmings to whatever the "official line" is on Covid, and being yes men to every official covid con is called partiality not impartiality. 

TOPIC 16 .

The deceptive phrase "The science of Covid-19"

as if this is proven without the scientific process 

There is a lot of disagreement worldwide among scientists and medics about which chemicals are safe to put in foods, which for instance can lead to cancer. When this debate happens the media tell us "scientists disagree" on what is safe, but when scientists disagree about vaccines, lockdowns, masks, prison camps (like in Australia), heavy fines etc, the media say "some people disagree" not saying it is scientists or medics, and thus deceiving the public into thinking they are unanimous. 

The FDA in the USA for instance allow the use of all sorts of chemicals banned in Europe and other places. Ractopamine is an example. 

TOPIC 17 .

Evidence of bribery or financial incentives to attribute deaths as caused by Covid-19.

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