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Before Covid-19 there were many flu outbreaks across the world, and people simply accepted the death rates as part of the inevitable weave of life. Then the W.H.O. strongly pushed the ill conceived plan on the nations that in order to try to save the lives of already sick and elderly people (perhaps at best extending their lives by only a few years) society should be locked down, and the fat cats of Big Pharma should be made rich from inaccurate tests and weird new unproven vaccines, shattering the entire world economy by what Michaéla C. Schippers called "a sheer one sided focus" on Covid, and not on the catastrophic knock on effects of the plans to deal with it. In his documentary series "The Power of Nightmares" Adam Curtis explains that politicians have realised that instead of offering the public things they need in order to take or keep political power, saving them from nightmares increases their power further, whether the threat is real or exaggerated. This political agenda, along with the more sincere politicians finding it tough to argue they have medical expertise to make the best plan for dealing with a pandemic, caused the nations to fall into the grip of an impractical and ill conceived agenda to deal with Covid-19, The super rich became even richer by controlling the world media,  and crushed personal freedom and the world economy.

This must not be allowed to happen again, and those responsible like W.H.O. and the interfering busybody in medical issues Bill Gates, should be prosecuted.

for changing our DNA see here: Link .




OVERALL SYNOPSIS: A Mafia style Protection Racket Agenda is in operation on a global scale by the use of medical tyranny.


premise: "Submit to the Covid-19 Vaccine & Test rip-off, so we can milk humanity dry of cash, and plough the profits back into tightening the tyranny with bribes, mandates and new regulations,  OR ELSE we will smash-up your society, economy, happiness and freedoms."

This is a clone of the Mafia tactic of smashing up clubs, pubs and restaurants unless "protection money" is paid but on a supermassive scale. The victim is then further duped into being bled dry by the occasional real protection from other freeloaders and thugs.


note: Bribes are legal - they just rename it lobbying, and our top leaders do nothing about it!

BOTTOMLINE - and all this "to save humanity" from a bug similar to and in the same category as the flu, as if it is bubonic plague! It is the biggest example of overcompensation or overkill in human history. It is like killing a mosquito with a shotgun. If the agenda was to "save elderly lives" why did the UK as good as force the designation of all elderly people in care homes to be "not for resuscitation"? A clear total contradiction!!!

TOP 10:

1) Attack on democracy  - in 80 countries. Governments have responded by abuses of power . (democracy is not a police state, or dictatorship by proxy) . This is usually a Communist objective.

2) Third World starvation . Millions die, largely babies and children .

It is expected that there will be an enormous increase in hunger and poverty, in part due to distortions in many supply chains around the world (Boone et al., 2020; Buheji et al., 2020).

3) The Scientific Process banned . Both sides of the criticisms of data should be examined, the definition - if a yes man peer reviews the findings of another yes man, that is science. The public cannot be allowed to view both side's criticisms and decide who has the science.

4) No free speech .

5) Destroying Western national economies .

6) Destroying the tourist industry .

7) Destroying small businesses .

8) Postponed medical tests & treatments

example: Late diagnosis cancer deaths (being called "the forgotten c" . thousands die 

9) Mental illness UP .

10) Home child abuse UP .

TOP 20:


11) Suicides UP .

12) Domestic violence UP .

13) Vaccine related deaths and side-effects - reported as highest ever UP (hidden) .

14) Child and adult obesity UP - killing tens of thousands .

15) Banning drugs/treatments thought by other medics and scientists to help cure or prevent Covid . including:

a) Ivermectin .

b) Hydroxychloroquine or chloroquine

c) Cannot even suggest alternative medicine, or home remedies, or simple medicinal helps, even if you specifically state the effects are unproven. This limits peoples free speech, free will, and freedom of choice.  

(the likely reason is so much money is being made by Big Pharma from Covid, they do not even want a cure,)


16) Forcing teens and children to have controversial rush job vaccines

17) Child social development and IQ's DOWN .

18) Babies development DOWN .

19) Died "of" or "with" Covid? The day in the media news stories saying "died of Covid-19" suddenly became "died with Covid-19" with no proper mention of co-morbidity or multi-morbidity until fairly recently when it was forced out into the open we have been fed continual fa;lse statistics. This is one of the most stark proofs our TV, radio, newspapers and other news stories had a hidden agenda, and were being controlled. and not even mentioning stats like 75% having 4 co-morbidities, so the person would likely die anyway.

20) The body reacts to stress with the increase of pro-inflammatory cytokines . . - causing illness .

TOP 30:



21) Opening up Europe to a joint Oriental and Russian attack - (predicted in the bible) by weakening the economy, and thus the army / navy / airforce .

22) Obvious Communist attempt to disrupt and divide western society, - with the likely aim of launching a military attack at the optimum moment of disruption. This includes using the Charles Manson plan to divide society on race grounds, and the "brown eyed / blue eyed" social division based on vaccinated or not vaccinated.

23) Sinister Social conformity manipulation:  it may be a mistake to call this "Mass Formation Psychosis" as for a start the public do not want to be linked with the word psychosis. Social conformity manipulation however that ends up going along with agendas of a similar style to Naziism and Communism can be argued by some to be a form of psychosis.


"Three famous experiments show the intricacies of social influence, which have become known as the Asch conformity experiment, the Milgram obedience experiment, and the Stanford Prison experiment. In the Asch experiment, it was shown that even in a very unambiguous situation, with one clear right answer, 75% of people could be persuaded to give the wrong answer as long as the “stooges”, hired by the experimenter, also gave one clear but false answer (Asch, 1951)."

24) "The Power of Nightmares" (see famous BBC documentary series by Adam Curtis)  A political discovery that delivering people from nightmares (or the exaggeration of threats) increases political power far more than delivering to people a better economy, better lifestyle and fulfilled dreams. This is achieved by simply replacing the threat of Al-qaeda with the hyper exaggerated threat of Covid-19 .note: some say the organization Al-qaeda never even existed.


25) Escalating terror / threats - until we see the old "Better Red than dead" attack on society in a new medical disguise .

26) Communist / Totalitarian attack on our society: The spear tip seems to be Bill Gates, the ultimate Judas and traitor, using Covid to smash our economy and weaken and enslave us, behind him forming a triangle of Death is Putin and Xi Jinping.

27) Militia. (watch for this). In Russia Putin is training and installing a thug organization called 40x40 in church cellars, and intimidating the Eastern Orthodox church into becoming part of his violent regime. This may start to be adopted in the west in all sorts of religions. (documentaries about 40x40 are now being erased from Youtube)

28) Terror! - the next step is terror! This is a phase that happens when having almost all political revolutions. In my opinion it will perhaps be by the use of terror drones. When tyranny begins to be enforced by brutality, bullying, fines, prison camps, as in Australia at the moment, people's altruistic consciences begin to temporarily shift into survival mode instead, and give in to tyranny.

29) The attempt to break or compromise Allied countries early .

In WW2 the Allied coalition of countries that primarily won the war were the USA, UK, Canada and Australia. It is no coincidence that these countries are coming under attack and being deviously manipulated first in the Covid Tyranny and the biggest medical rip off of all time. Australia especially are presently crushed (perhaps because of all countries on Earth it would be easiest to leave society and hide in). This is to take us out early as the opposition. The tactic is working unfortunately.

Other countries in the allied forces - India and British Commonwealth countries, France (and their dependencies), Poland, New Zealand, South Africa, and also the Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, Greece can expect to be singled out as well.

30) It is for "The collective good" comrades. "The collective good" Sounds very communist. It has been the mantra of dictators for centuries.

TOP 40 


31) Super Rich becoming a threat is a massive loophole in the safety of  democracy, that needs correcting. Fast!!

32) Decline of international airlines & increased fares and red tape .

33) Unhappiness . (leading to illness)

34) Financial insecurity .

35) Massive numbers of people sacked. or losing their jobs, just because they do not want a vaccination .


36) Less food and hardware items for sale as supply chains are broken by absurd "track and trace" imposition of quarantine .

37) Nazi / Communist style book burning techniques, via a slow encroachment method (another manifestation of "boiling the frog") eg on Facebook, Youtube and in Wikipedia. It includes dumbing down the Big search engines like Google and Bing when people search for information to expose the Con-19 Agenda tactics. And the issue of Bill Gates owning a search engine (Bing).

38) Press "sheer one sided focus" on Covid death prevention .

39) Vaccines were first offered with a microchip implant option (videos prove this)  to track your injection status and history .

40) Press hide appalling history of vaccines . will list history examples & include Agent Orange, DDT, Thalidomide, SV-40 .

TOP 50 .



41) Rush job vaccines . "Operation Warp Speed" says it all. Sounds like famous last words. What they really want to "warp speed" is a test and vaccine multi billion dollar rip off. They admit they were not waiting the usual time to check for bad effects. 

42) Forcing people to take vaccines against their will .

43) Failure of antibiotics and death from simultaneous / or secondary bacterial infection, the real cause of many deaths (hidden by media).

44) Falsely attributing deaths to Covid .

45) False positives and other fake Covid stats .


46) Ignoring / cover-up of the fact that Kary Mullis said his PCR Test cannot be used for these purposes .

47) That Pfizer DNA vaccines may cause an autoimmune response perhaps even years later, by causing your own body cells to produce spike proteins from a virus, initiating a response of the body attacking its own cells.  (stated by former doctor Andrew Jeremy Wakefield )

48) Vaccines manufactured with human fetus cells . - HEK-293 .

49) Deceiving the public about how controversial almost every new vaccine is

50) Bogus plan to save elderly people's lives - Oxymoronic statement that all lockdowns and isolation of the elderly is to save their lives, then designating them "not for resuscitation" (Matt Hancock UK did this) contradicting the entire plan (motive? = it gives higher death rate statistics perpetuating the Covid hysteria agenda) . It is like giving a patient a major operation to hopefully save their life, then not attempting resuscitation against the whole plan in the event of cardiac arrest. 

TOP 60 .


51) The biggest medical rip off of all time - designed to be perpetual. (booster shots would mean it goes on forever even if everyone was vaccinated).

52) Preventing Covid patients from seeing their families in hospital, so you cannot even check on their care plan, treatment, conditions etc.

53) Trying to make the public pay twice in the UK for hospitals, esp children's hospitals. first by taxes, then by donations for what taxes covered ore Covid-19 .

54) Compromising the immune system by stress, unhappiness, queues, lack of security, less choice in goods and foods. etc

55) USA  hospitals closers - many through lack of patient visits, as they avoid quarantine and other Covid hassel. 

quote: In many countries emergency admissions, e.g., for cardiac chest pain and transient ischemic attacks, are decreased by about 50%, as people are avoiding hospital visits, which eventually will lead to higher death rates from other causes, such as heart attack and strokes (Sarner, 2020)


56) Unnecessary Deaths - as patients avoid ER because of Covid hassle.

57) Flight or fight mechanism from stress . - this leads to blood loss in the gastrointestinal tract and illness (for instance)

58) Expensive RT PCR Tests. Billions of tests planned at £100 - £50 a time usually quoted, the money from which could feed the entire starving population of Planet Earth alone! (Asian Boss quote)

59) Trying to make the public pay twice in the UK for hospitals, esp children's hospitals. first by taxes, then by donations for what taxes covered ore Covid-19 .

60) Postponed medical treatments -  many medical treatments such as chemotherapy have not been given and were postponed (Sud et al., 2020).

TOP 70 .


61) Masks increase CO2 and moisture leading to infection susceptibility . They do not even stop dust

62) Decreased mobilisation (including in hospital) leading to fluid on lungs . The changing of classic nursing plans to mobilise patients with respiratory disease and teach deep breathing exercises .

63) Increase in diseases such as measles - purportedly as confidence in vaccines decreases, 

64) Mental health care is limited or not available at all .

65) quarantined related mental health conditions , and/or as a result of job loss, such as low mood, insomnia, irritability, depression and posttraumatic stress disorder (Holmes et al., 2020; van Hoof, 2020). and physical illnesses . conditions like obesity.


66) Compromising the immune system by stress, unhappiness, queues, lack of security, less choice in goods and foods. etc

67) USA  hospitals closers - many through lack of patient visits, as they avoid quarantine and other Covid hassel. 

quote: In many countries emergency admissions, e.g., for cardiac chest pain and transient ischemic attacks, are decreased by about 50%, as people are avoiding hospital visits, which eventually will lead to higher death rates from other causes, such as heart attack and strokes (Sarner, 2020)

68) Unnecessary Deaths - as patients avoid ER because of Covid hassle.

69) Taking over the mass media + to induce social conformity.

70) Press hide appalling history of vaccines .

TOP 80 .


71) Introduction of a trading / vaccine passport .

72) Lockdowns .

73) Social distancingcausing social / mental suffering

33) Locking people in prison camps

74) Violent arrests / kidnapping .

75) Fines - enough to make a person homeless .

76) The creation of the Covid Gestapo - the track and trace abomination .

77) Two tier society - causing inequality - medical apartheid 

78) Turning your own army and police force into the unwitting puppets of power grabbing forces external to your country, and turning your own leaders into political puppets on medical grounds, thus establishing rule by a medical tyrant or tyrants.

79) Labelling the unvaccinated "bio weapons".

80) Supply chains blocked, quote

Moreover, as many businesses are closed and supply chains blocked, the socio-economic effects are beyond comprehension (cf. Fernandes, 2020; Ivanov, 2020). via Covid Gestapo, and ordering people with a snuffle to stay at home.

Fact Check

TOP 90 .


81) Catch 22 and sophist psychology attacks on facts and freedom.

An example is "The Liar Paradox" or "The Epimenides paradox" or Eubulides paradox, "This statement is false."

"Bill Gates the radical says, 'that all nonconformists ever do is tell us fake news.' The objective is to make so much news fake, that news no longer matters, and so nothing may impede the slow and meticulous onslaught of the encroaching tyranny of the Covid over reaction agenda, until it produces a Fuhrer. 

Deliberate use of semantic paradoxes as sophisms to deceive and confuse the public. It includes the tactic of continually "throwing the mirror at people" by owning the criticisms of the Covid Tyranny as their own counter arguments of the opposition, and nullification of criticisms, and by strategically admitting the criticisms when forced to, as if they should then get the credit, an example is Fauci "exposing"  Covid-19 overcounts, or Putin framing Alexei Navalny for embezzlement, to hide his own embezzlement of multi millions." Or when there was a call to "defund WHO" to start a purge to stop the Covid Over Reaction Agenda, and perhaps even arrest them with Bill Gates,  we see "defund the police" in the USA.

82) Gaslighting - is a colloquialism, loosely defined as making someone question their own reality. In effect brainwashing you out of your correct perception of reality, into another alternate view of reality that will suit the person gaslighting you. 

83) Agnotology . the perception of what this is cuts both ways. Assessing that the entire Planet should take rush job vaccines, when the safety record of Big Pharma, WHO and the FDA is appalling, and Pfizer, who are the ignorant ones?

84)  Goal framing , quote: "if a message is framed as avoiding negative consequences (loss frame), this will generally have a stronger impact on human behavior than when it is framed as having positive consequences" (gain frame; Krishnamurthy et al., 2001).

85) Survival instinct while under threat - By siding with the dark hidden forces, we see the human "survival instinct" kicking in. Choosing a side, right or wrong, for survival or an easy ride.


86) Cognitive dissonance . "the state of having inconsistent thoughts, beliefs, or attitudes, especially as relating to behavioural decisions and attitude change." It is linked with living in denial. An example is to tell a person who has avoided GM crops all their life how they should have GM chimpanzee cold bug injected into them in the Oxford Astrazeneca vaccine, or what a great idea it was to use HEK-293 human fetus cells to manufacture a vaccine to export to Catholic countries. 

87) The Dunning-Kruger effect, in psychology this a bias in thinking whereby people with limited knowledge or competence in a given intellectual or social domain greatly overestimate their own knowledge or competence. The label is used however to belittle anyone contradicting so called experts even if other experts believe the same as you, or as if we cannot make decisions on our own health. The laughably true refutation is that (if so) the only people in the world who know if rush job vaccines are worth the gamble are vaccine experts, so as no one else knows we are all exempt from taking them. There is a difference between justified belief and opinion, and holding a belief does not mean you must be an expert.  

88)  The "Anti-vaxxer" label  - there is a difference between the phrases Anti-vaccination (an anti-vaxxer)  Pro Choice,  Vaccine hesitancy, pro-vaccination, and a person who believes in forcing humanity with their arms up their backs into having these rush job vaccines. Anti-vaxxer is sometimes owned by a small group who think humanity is better off without them, but in my experience the word anti-vaxxer is used very frequently to undermine the credibility of people who are simply pro choice but decide they do not want a vaccination themselves. I am surprised there seems to be no word yet for people who believe in forcing humanity to have vaccines, especially as they are not long term tested, vaccine totalitarians is  one option. Another fact to consider is "herd immunity" can be achieved without totalitarianism of this kind, but who gets to say who can be exempted from the Inquisition?

89) "Preparing a pretext" . All famous and infamous  commanders of the past, like Julius Caesar and Adolf Hitler, prepared a pretext for invasion, or subjugation. An example is crossing a border  and conquering an entire nation under the pretext "they attacked us first". Putin is doing this at the moment (25th Jan 2022) by claiming he is performing innocent manoeuvres and his "pretext for invasion" is western powers are escalating the situation by putting in defenses that can be construed as aggressive. In the same way the "prepare pretext" for taking over the world with medical tyranny is non compliance with disproportionate over reactions to Covid-19, that are so absurd it is bound to lead to resistance, which in turn gives the hidden powers constructing this a pretext to implement martial law and tyranny under via "medical authority" . and this looks like it will include  a "comply or die" worldwide trading pass / mark predicted in scripture. 

90) Fluctuated Response combined with a Hybrid Component war strategy. Chess grandmasters think in one, two, three, four, five (or more) stage plans. When "Plan A" fails, people like Bill Gates, used to writing complex computer code, would have already prepared "Plan B" and "Plan C" etc, with substrata. The dark forces behind the scenes are planning the Covid Tyranny in military fashion. In the Russian Revolution Lenin captured mostly key strategic places, like post offices and railway stations, here it is capturing and bribing the media and political figures. Stalin openly spoke of playing off the allied forces one against another, then destroying them after they weakened themselves. This is too complex to explain in real terms, and above my understanding, and to prove this to you take a few minutes to look at this video and imagine the hundreds of daily decisions a top general or commander in a war must make.....

Australia has been captured by the Covid-19 Gestapo. They have a Quisling or Vichy or puppet Government in place, whose strings are pulled by the Globalists.  Can the Australian public breakout?

90) Setting Diplomacy to Fail .

90) Flat-Earther - derogatory term for anyone who believes natural immunity is sufficient. 


90) Counterculture - when the majority are brainwashed into following a sinister agenda, are those who stick to social and medical common sense being stigmatized by the phrase counterculture, as a way to marginalise the truth?  

90) "A case of Covid" this entirely spurious term is part of the whole root of Con-19 deceptions. Detecting a pathogen in someone without proving viral load, and when symptomless, does not men it is a "case of" Covid, so even this is avoided, and "died with Covid" has been adopted. When conquering Russia Lenin knew that all he had to do was capture strategic points, like railway stations and post offices. Ib this situation it is the same. The Australian press continually play the "with Covid" mantra. Our politicians are being duped.

TOP 100:

Strangulation and eradication of Freedoms, rights and liberties:

91) Freedom of speech .

92) Freedom to protest .

93) Freedom of assembly .

94) Freedom of movement . "The Earth is the Lord's and the fulness thereof."

95) Freedom of religion . eg attempts to force you to take a vaccine containing HEK-293. or deceiving you that is was used in production by saying it was not necessary to mention it to you as it was filtered out.


96) Freedom of press and media .

97) Freedom from cruel and unusual punishments .  (and from excessive bail,)

98) Right to due process of law .

99) Human rights .

100) Civil liberties .

"The Freedom to bear arms" in the USA and Canada, especially in places where there are dangerous wild animals, and the need to hunt to survive, gun laws are different than those in the UK. This now has an added dimension that if total tyranny envelopes us and we are hunted by armed drones, the guns can be used to shoot down the drones as an act of self defence in a totalitarian situation. The trouble with discussing this issue is many countries like the UK did not have the general right to own firearms for self defence before this new possible threat of killer drones emerged. 

TOP 110:


101) Long list of additives in vaccines breaking people's religion in the past, hidden from the public .

101) Isolation of patients and the elderly from family

        a) In hospital .

        b) even at home .

102) Elderly "not for resuscitation" - Oxymoronic statement lockdowns and isolation of elderly is to save their lives, then designating them "not for resuscitation" to obtain higher death rate statistics and contradict the entire plan .

103) Preventing mobilisation of patients in hospitals leading to fluid on the lungs .

104) Chronic stress in old people will accelerate aging and dysfunction of the immune system 

105) Disruption of sleep patterns  and increase in Insomnia  .


106) post-traumatic stress syndrome .

107) The cessation of the right to choose your own medical treatments .

108 ) Proof nurses and doctors have in the past conspired not to resuscitate patients deemed fit for resuscitation - and who expected to be, via covert practices such as "The slow Code" or "The Hollywood Code" or "Light blue", thus isolation of the sick or elderly is very wrong.

109)  )  Taking credit for our God given immune system  - leading to a supermassive worldwide fraud. 

110) People are now being denied the right even of their own choice of vaccine .

TOP 120:


111) School closures - with many bad effects .

112) Job losses - leading to shorter life spans .

113) Social and physical isolation - is commonly associated with loneliness. This is especially the case in forced isolation in old age (for a meta-analysis see Holt-Lunstad et al., 2015) where loneliness is strongly associated with increased mortality (Eng et al., 2002; Giles et al., 2005; Pantell et al., 2013).

114) Dysfunctional coping strategies - such as withdrawal/ruminating, substance use, taking tranquilizers and excessive gaming can exacerbate the negative effects of the lockdown measures


115) Price increases in food and other goods - and hardware .

116) Big increase in profits of Amazon - super rich objective to force trade mostly online.

117) Opioid and experimental drug use overdoses skyrocket - in lockdowns, and from mental illness and isolation etc caused also by social distancing.

118) Social distancing causing long queues - chills, flight or fight stress, psychological problems with isolation.

119) People prevented from keeping fit in gyms - etc

120) Poverty causing cold homes and so illness .

TOP 130:


121)  Government intransigence on wider threats - to the possibility Russia and China and Bill Gates are plotting to destroy our economy, with control of the media, youtube and facebook.

122) People feeling forced into planning to leave society altogether, - because society has become so draconian and similar to Nazi and Communist tyrannies of the past. This is complicated by the fact society has also become very decadent to the point of Babylonianism.

123) Terror drones introduced in China - Bill Gates has said he thinks we should adopt China's methods. That fact alone means Bill Gates is a scumbag.

124) Kidnapping people off the streets in China, and whole families from their homes.

125) Proposed surveillance state in Australia (Big Brother is watching you)


126) Over policing of protests .  Nazi style brutality

127) Nazi / Communist style book burning techniques, via a slow encroachment method (another manifestation of "boiling the frog") eg on Facebook, Youtube and in Wikipedia. 

128) Book burningThe sudden appearance of "Fact Check" over so called "misinformation". Evolutionism, murdering babies by abortion, and other secular "truth" continues unchecked. including.... Fact checking several pages of relevant data into non existence by a few semantic criticisms.

129) Unmentionable people, unmentionable articles. Just the names of David Icke or Dr Andrew Kaufman, or articles like "Manufactured Pandemic" are enough to see a comment, article, or video deleted from Youtube, Facebook and the like, This is then blamed on an algorithm but a person told the algorithm to do it. This is an advanced form of book burning already with us.

130) Tipping point concessions - at the moment we are at the tipping point phase of the attempt at a totalitarian state. Concessions on freedom of speech, freedom of movement etc are made, as it is very possible society and politicians will wake up in time, put on trial and jail people like Bill Gates, the leaders of W.H.O. etc . If the dark forces can get past this tipping point stage the next stage is terror!

TOP 140:


131) Closed nations - (nation is like a prison in isolation)

132) Threats of trading sanctions - creation of leper nations who will not comply with universal

Covid Medical Tyranny agenda

133) External rulers to your country - having won a great battle to regain total UK self rule from European infiltration into the power structure, a remodelled attack via disease control immediately appears, this time not only ordering us what to do, but threatening to make us a trading "leper nation" if we do not comply, breaking us with trading sanctions .

134) The new Aryan race are the vaccinated , + using the psychology tactic of the "brown eyed blue eyed" experiment to divide and conquer society..

Attack on US constitution: -

135) Psychotic "world domination agendas and plots" not punished by international law. -  If a person threatens to kill or subjugate one person, they get prosecuted, but if they are openly plotting to take away freedom, possessions, and kill people on a global scale, no prosecution.


136)  Attack on "The American Constitution" .

137)  Violent riots used to usher-in The Police State - Julius Caesar, and every powerful invader or power grabber in the past, always had a propaganda excuse to launch offensives, as it was of very great psychological advantage. In WW2 the Germans even staged being attacked first by Poland. Take great heed to this 2 part warning: 

a) Violence gives the excuse for the Police State to be ushered in and changes in the law, such as after Kristallnacht.

b) The two plans Jesus banned in Revelation 13:9-10 were compliance, or taking to violence with the sword. Peaceful protests as Martin Luther King and Gandhi are far more effective, and do not give rise to draconian followed by totalitarian countermeasures. This being said we can expect infiltrated or staged violence and riots.

138) Attacks on off-grid living . The state does not like this autonomy . To them we are like animals to be milked, fleeced and used. It is quite unbelievable places are making growing your own vegetables, and storing rainwater etc illegal !

139)  Public Protests spread germs - therefore the protesters must be arrested, not entirely historically unique as minorities were blamed as the cause of various plagues, including the black death, witches for what was really ergot poisoning, etc.


TOP 150:


141) Less food and hardware items for sale as supply chains are broken by absurd "track and trace" imposition of quarantine 

142) Massive numbers of people sacked. or losing their jobs, just because they do not want a vaccination .

143) No more holiday abroad as a reward for a hard years toil - for those working, probably they might spend it locked down at home, or caught out abroad .

144) Press reports / headlines like "British police off work" and many other professional examples, it is not exclusively with Covid, it is the pathetic "track and trace" bunk, where professionals all across Britain are ordered to stay off work because of things like -being in a place like a cafeteria where someone is "proven" to be Covid tested positive (by a test the inventor of which denied can be used for that purpose). It is the generation of hysteria.

145) Deliberate Hysteria Generation.


146) Attempted outlawing of Critical Thinking Skills .

147) Be honest. How many of you took a vaccine simply because you were bullied into it against your conscience, or to blend into society ?

148) What percentage of vaccinated people are actually pro choice, not vaccination totalitarians? And how many vaccinated people now feel they were lied to and do not want continual boosters?. The fact is to achieve herd immunity it is not necessary that everyone is vaccinated, and are the powers that be really trying to totally wipe out Covid?

149) The Big Picture "Seeded apparent denialism" - the powers that be are (in my opinion) deliberately not following due scientific process in their presentation of science to the public, to dupe rebels into an appearance of denialism. Examples are not explaining the isolation and purification of viruses. and the contents and how the contents were produced of attenuated Covid vaccines.

example: "How can they produce bucket loads of Chinese Sinovax vaccine, that purports to be multi millions of attenuated Covid virus particles in solution,  yet not be able explain how they can isolate and purify a single virus particle,  in order to map it. 

This seeded denialism is irreversibly connected to another trap called "The Scientific patronization of the public" where superficial science is put forward to "help the poor dumb public" understand things better, like saying viruses are "alive" instead of "live" in the sense of dangerous and undamaged. 

The end result of this tactic is to discredit huge numbers of people resisting forced vaccination on all people, by disempowering them from obtaining answers that ought to be given. Meanwhile the patronising TV and press never tackle the issues as they are too busy treating the public as too dumb to understand such "stratospheric" (basic) things. 

The bottom line is that people like Piers Corbyn might do well explaining that he feels forced to occupy the stance he is taking, while due scientific process remains unproven to have been followed. However as we have had vaccines for years claiming to be attenuated virus solutions, like the flu vaccine, the ambiguity starts to breed total denialism about viruses causing any disease at all, in my view this is because of "The Scientific patronization of the public" and a refusal to clarify. 

TOP 160:


151) Trying to make the public pay twice in the UK for hospitals, esp children's hospitals. first by taxes, then by donations for what taxes covered before Covid-19 .

152) Ignoring the appalling safety records of Big Pharma and the FDA about vaccine safety, such as the contamination of the Salks, Koprowski, and Sabin vaccines with the SV-40 monkey virus (linked to cancer by some), batches of live polio given to children, and the terrible safety record of Pfizer, the massive blunders over Thalidomide, DDT and Agent Orange, to name but a few, Also evidence HIV may have originated in Polio vaccines.

153) Drug fraud - Kary Mullis said there is no link between HIV and AIDS. From this Big Pharma realised the drugs they created cannot fail, if there is no link in the first place. Mullis said however the drugs thereselves were what were killing patients by non stop chemotherapy that normally ends.

154) Ignoring / hiding the Kary Mullis statements saying PCR cannot be accurately used for viral load  .

155) Africa has been (and still is) relatively unvaccinated, and we do not see devastating death rates. There is no evidence Covid is a new Spanish Flu or they have "saved millions of lives" as claimed by Donald Trump.

156) Operation Warp Speed: sounds so much nicer than "Operation Rush Job" by companies like Pfizer, who have an appalling safety record, are exempt if something goes wrong by law, and when vaccines have an appalling history of massive mistakes affecting millions of people, as well as doing a huge amount of good. 

157) Pretence winter does not cause spikes in respiratory illnesses  .

158)  Financial incentives given to record deaths as from Covid ,





1) Do DNA vaccines like Pfizer's have an increased risk of the alteration of human DNA, if administered to literally billions of people? (please see separate page). deliberately or by chance. Perhaps the link between menstrual cycle changes and vaccines adds to this concern?

2) Is it reasonable to argue so many of the cells of the body (etc) are unmapped, the RT PCR Test is always going to be too suspect to use in any event  ?

3) Is it true the RT PCR Test does not detect any intact viruses, only ones broken down?

4) Vaccines and autism - Many of us do not think Dr. Wakefield was necessarily wrong about a link between vaccines and autism , and we are entitled to our views and / or suspicions .

5) Should Bill Gates and the leaders of W.H.O. be immediately put on trial for crimes against humanity? Italian politician Sara Cunial seemed to think Bill Gates should be.


6) Is a new deadly strain of Covid now being manufactured? - In order to "prove themselves right" about their draconian measures, in so doing crushing most of the opposition's reasoning .

7) How was Covid-19 isolated in order to be genomically mapped? As otherwise the entire RT PCR Test is meaningless

It seems now irrelevant to me to criticize the proof of the existence of the Covid-19 pathogen, because the isolation of it is not obtained by Koch's postulates, when no virologist believes it can be. This should be dismissed within minutes, not harped on about for hours as Dr, Kaufman does (probably because he wants to rubbish Koch's postulates by the belief the result is always contaminated).

But if we are talking about proving the Covid-19 pathogen exists, because it has been mapped,  the "proof of existence" of Covid-19 by the use of John Ender's cytopathic effect experiments seems totally irrelevant.

I have proceeded that far, but I still need to research how Covid-19 was isolated as a pathogen in order to be genomically mapped in the first place, as the entire use of the PCR Test to detect the RNA that has been turned into DNA by reverse transcription depends on it. If they have never isolated the virus to map the genome, the entire RT PCR test is meaningless.

quote :

"How does the Sinovac vaccine work?

The Beijing-based biopharmaceutical company Sinovac is behind the CoronaVac, an inactivated vaccine. It works by using killed viral particles to expose the body's immune system to the virus without risking a serious disease response." BBC . By "killed" they mean attenuated, or damaged in some way, as a virus is not considered alive.

If Dr, Andrew Kaufman is correct the Chinese could not produce this vaccine, unless I misunderstand his criticisms of the almost impossible task of isolating and purifying Covid-19 viruses in order to attenuate them. One answer might be the Chinese alone can do it, because they manufactured the virus in the first place?

Why are the public being belittled and patronised by not discussing and resolving this openly? This point is therefore about disempowering the public.

8) The Chinese claim their vaccine (Sinovac Vaccine, or "CoronaVac") for Covid-19 is an old fashioned "attenuated pathogen" style vaccine,  of the Covid-19 virus. Explain then how they isolated, purified, and then duplicated enough of the virus in the first place to produce Sinovac by the gallon, if virologists say its not possible using the methods described in Koch's postulates.

Does Dr Hilary Jones MBE believe in abortion?

note: This started off as Top 100, but soon I realised there are far more needed to be included in my opinion. I need to erase repeats.....  in progress

note: There is a big debate (I cannot yet resolve) as to whether the Pfizer vaccines have ever altered human DNA, or are very likely to not by design. There are also plots a hidden sinister take over group wish to deliberately change human DNA to make us more "usable" by a ruling class

BOTTOMLINE - and all this "to save humanity" from a bug similar to and in the same category as the flu, as if it is bubonic plague! It is the biggest example of overcompensation or overkill in human history. It is like killing a mosquito with a shotgun. 

Konstantin Rykov – Taught Vladimir Putin How To Troll The Internet ???

sources to help verify points, or of interest.

note: "making money from a misinformation market" is an accusation made against some people who expose the lies and propaganda of Big Pharma, WHO, Bill Gates etc, Apparently it is ok for Bill Gates to make money, but if the public wish to support people exposing the lies of the so called global elite, or bunk of the Covid-19 overreaction agenda, that must therefore be insincere profiteering by the receivers. People ought to be free to support people they think are supplying them with information they believe helps them assess what the truth is. 

*) Lord Jonathan Sumption . 

*) Dan Wootton  :

*) Peter Hitchens :

^) "Unherd" Youtube Channel, Freddie Sayers :

*) Alexei Navalny :

*) Dr Rabinder Buttar :

*) Neil Oliver :

*) Russell Brand :

*) An0maly : musician Albert J Faleski . 


*) BBC (Bribed Biased Corporation)

1) "For the Greater Good? The Devastating Ripple Effects of the Covid-19 Crisis" by Michaéla C. Schippers* Department of Technology and Operations Management, Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Rotterdam, Netherlands.


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