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The "Anti-vaxxer" label .

"You are an anti-vaxxer!"

The unfair labelling of millions of people as anti-vaxxers to discredit the pro-choice middle ground has become such a common occurrence in the secular media, on TV, radio and in newspapers, and is so false and damaging, I have felt it necessary to dedicate a whole page to discussing it. It runs second place only to the damage done by the vague use of phrases like "a case of" Covid-19.  

Labelling pro-choice people, who simply believe the public should have the right to choose if they should be vaccinated or not, and their children, as "anti-vaxxers" has become the biggest dirty tactic of those who believe in "vaccination totalitarianism". The phrase "anti-vaxxer" is being used to discredit those opposed to the dictatorship of forcing vaccination on others by labelling, ostracizing, bullying, fining, putting them in what amounts to prison camps, and putting them in jail.  


Why is it so effective to use the label "anti-vaxxer" on as many people as possible opposing enforced vaccination, from the point of view of people believing in medical tyranny? The first reason is that vaccination has a history of doing a lot of good with other diseases, and if you can give the impression people believe vaccination is always wrong, it makes them look small minded and biased. Let us look at some dictionary definitions of  "anti-vaxxer" . 

Screen Shot 2022-01-15 at 23.40.50.png

photo: Dr. Steve James (left) - 


"That thing went viral. So many millions of people have seen it, and basically Dr. Jones that's made you the "poster doc" for the whole anti-vaxx movement, but that's not a hat that you want to wear, and you've come on Good Morning Britain to try and put the record straight."

Richard Madeley.

Was Richard Madeley by saying this, vindicating Dr. Steve James, but simultaneously intending to label the pro-choice groups as anti-vaxxers?

so it cuts both ways.... The media can try to discredit pro-choice people by labelling them anti-vaxxers, and extreme anti-vaxxers believing all vaccination is wrong or unsafe can try to "own you" falsely as being like them.

The Dictionary Definition of "anti-vaxxer" .

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